In 2007 the biggest peruvian bank opened a new branch at Boulevard Asia Sur, a prestigious touristic center of Lima.

For creating awareness we created a videogame inside of a banking center in a room with soccer stadium ambientation. Invisible motion tracking sensors allow people to play outside from the street by only moving their bodies in front of the bank´s shop window.

Loop: banners floating and soccer players playing with the ball catches people´s attention.

Intro: when people approach, the holograms invite them to play and explain the rules.

Choosing girl or boy: a blue arrow floating over character´s head appears and follows the movements of the person. If the arrow goes to the left and stays 3 seconds over the boy´s hologram, he´ll be chosen. Same happen with the girl on the left.

Holographic & Special Displays

Holographic visualization effect was achieved by creating 3 visibility layers for tricking the human eye: the stadium backdrop + interactive projection + storefront glass.


Artificial grass increased the hologram perception and also was useful for hiding projectors, CPU and devices.

Sensors :: Physical To Digital

An IR proximity sensor detects the left-right movements of the person.

Motion Tracking Environments

The characters seem to copy the movements of the player.


Just try to locate the virtual soccer player below the ball for making it bounce as much as possible for increasing the score.

Physical Spaces

The branch was brand new and we used


The crowd was amazed by the activity that took place at the storefront and everyone wanted to be part of it. Not only kids!

Prize Givaway

once time is over, the character tells you which prize did you win depending on your score.